Why I Blog


I have maintained a blog now for about a decade. Posts are about my travel, my hobbies, my heroes, my thoughts & some just for the heck of it. And just last month, I lost all of it – hundreds of posts collated over this long period.

To my surprise, loosing all of this content didn’t hurt me much. Maybe the process of blogging was more important than the end result? Or, this was an opportune event to get a new start to a hobby that I haven’t been consistent with. Whatever the reason, it was time to mull over why I blogContinue reading “Why I Blog”

How To Make Learning A Habit

Tips to move from lifelong learning being an aspiration to a habit.

  1. Create specific goals to stay on track
    • read 36 non-fiction books this year
    • learn 1 new language this year
  2. Leverage learning communities 
    • create & use a Whatsapp group of other book readers
    • join a Toastmasters group
  3. Ditch the distractions
    • create time slots dedicated for learning
    • practice mindfulness
  4. Use technology to enrich learning
    • use online courses
    • subscribe to the most popular podcast in the area

This post is based on Make Learning a Lifelong Habit, a HBR article by John Coleman.


Floral Patch On Weekend Ride

Over a 300+ kms ride last weekend, there was a patch of 500m that made the entire ride completely worth it. There was a line of trees in bloom. It was colorful. Provided respite from the 37C temperature. And made for a once in a season pitstop.
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The Tiger Diaries

The Tiger is the first motorbike I’ve ever owned. Even though it has materialized rather late, it represents my preference for the outdoors and a recent penchant for capturing life around us through glasses – photography.

Since coming into my life, The Tiger has been the source of multiple highlight moments. New vistas discovered (& captured), new friendships made, surrounding areas explored like never before – it’s been a perspective expanding experience. And I’m just getting started.